Call system Hello Waiter

For restaurants and retail.

Hello Waiter call system

Perfect service: Avoid unnecessary waiting times and stress for service staff.

Hello Waiter is a complete solution for improving the workflow of service staff and maximizing efficiency between the kitchen and dining room.

An innovative system that speeds up processes and makes them more efficient. Service staff are notified via a mobile device (pager) as soon as food and drinks have been served.

The system is based on an easy-to-install control unit for all areas of the restaurant (counter, kitchen, reception, etc.). The control unit (central unit) independently manages all appliances in the system and coordinates the workflow between kitchen and service staff, optimizing timing and service.

In areas without table service, the practical take-away pager lets customers know when their order is ready for collection. The same system can be used to manage queues in a delicatessen, supermarket or take-away: the waiting customer is notified as soon as it is their turn or the table is free.

Consisting of robust and reliable components, Hello Waiter operates within a special, reserved frequency range without affecting the radio links of any PULSE handhelds used.

Hello Waiter: Call system for gastronomy, entertainment and retail.

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