Orderman Partner Concept

Innovative technology
and expertise.

Expert advice from certified Orderman dealers.

The Orderman partner concept

We only work with the best.

Orderman itself does not sell directly to the food service industry. Orderman itself does not supply any POS systems or software for the catering industry. We cooperate with selected sales partners, software partners and cash register manufacturers worldwide and Orderman devices work with the leading software and cash register solutions worldwide. The integration of Orderman POS and handhelds into the individual software and POS solutions offers unprecedented flexibility and maximum convenience for every user. In this way, the solutions are individually adapted to the needs of the respective catering business.

The advantages of the Orderman system

Purpose built for the hospitality industry.

Whether it’s a restaurant, cafĂ©, bar or ice cream parlor, today’s guests expect friendly, fast and reliable service, especially in the food service industry. This requires perfect ordering and invoicing processes. Orderman offers you the equipment you need for this: durable POS systems, handhelds and practical accessories. We use these components to create the Orderman system, which we invented 30 years ago and have been continuously developing ever since.

The Orderman Partner System for retailers

Guaranteed for successful restauranteurs.

For a restaurant business to run smoothly, it is essential that the retailer partner, the software partner and Orderman work together perfectly and are coordinated. The device-specific features of Orderman handhelds and POS cash registers are always at the same high level. There are also various functions and additional benefits that depend on the software used and the respective POS system.

Orderman devices are sold worldwide exclusively through specialist dealers. These dealers all offer a comprehensive and individual range of services.
We have introduced a partner program in some countries. Dealers who participate in this program must meet certain criteria in order to meet the high Orderman standards regarding the quality of advice, installation and service of Orderman products. In addition, these retailers are always up to date thanks to the Orderman Academy and close exchange of experience.

Retailers who participate in the program can be recognized by the Silver Partner or Gold Partner label. The small difference: In most cases, “Gold” certification means that you have already been working with Orderman for many years, but in any case a higher number of reference installations. Whether Silver Partner or Gold Partner – these retailers are your first point of contact for profitable wireless billing with the reliable Orderman technology.

If you would like to become an Orderman dealer or software partner, please contact us. We look forward to a non-binding initial discussion with you.