Funkbonieren über Internet: Orderman9

NCR Orderman

The Orderman Internet diagnosis you can rely on.

We measure your existing WLAN installation on site and create a clear analysis of the current situation.

We come to you and provide a stable WLAN infrastructure in your catering business as quickly as possible. Building plans are not required for this.

The Orderman WiFine service costs considerably less than a classic Internet survey. We attach great importance to rapid processing so that your business is disrupted as little as possible.

After the on-site diagnosis, you will receive the current status of your WLAN installation. We will let you know whether your WLAN installation is “Orderman9 ready” or how you can improve it to ensure optimum wireless billing with Orderman9.

With WiFine you ensure that your existing WLAN infrastructure is optimally coordinated with the Orderman9 and that you can devote your full attention to your guests.

It's time for the Orderman9

Wireless billing via WLAN

The Orderman9 uses “state of the art” WLAN standards to ensure a stable and reliable connection. Before you upgrade your system, we completely measure your existing WLAN installation. This means that we identify the existing access points at your locations, check their performance and document them in the process.

If you have an existing wireless bonus system with which you have recurring problems, WiFine Service will help you to determine the cause. Finally, you will receive a report showing the measured data (e.g. the quality of the wireless connection, signal strength, etc.) and recommendations for improving your network. So you can be sure that everything is running smoothly in your company.

We offer this service via your Orderman specialist dealer in Germany and Austria in cooperation with our IT partner BACC.

If you do not yet have a trusted Orderman specialist dealer, we look forward to hearing from you.

Care & Care Gold

La garanzia all-in carefree di Orderman.

La garanzia Care & Care Gold di Orderman è unica nel settore. I prodotti di assistenza Orderman’s Care & Care Gold vi proteggono dai tempi di inattività non programmati e dalle costose riparazioni per molti anni. Care & Care Gold è la garanzia all-in carefree di Orderman.