NCR Orderman
Site Survey

Your future-proof Orderman9 installation.

Based on a comprehensive on-site WLAN survey, we determine in detail which components are required to ensure an optimal Orderman9 installation.

Every company and every location is different. A restaurant in the center of a city has different challenges than an inn on the edge of a forest. These individual characteristics are collected and recorded in the report.

Using the latest technology and software, precise measurement data is collected, which forms the basis for further planning and improvement of your installation.

Not all WLANs are the same. Building a professional and reliable network requires a great deal of specialist knowledge and years of experience in this field. Our professionals ensure that your business runs smoothly and without disruption.

Detailed reporting including a summary, measurement results, recommendations for improvement and installation instructions. Based on this report, the optimum WLAN installation for your company is carried out.

We are happy to take over the complete reinstallation of your WLAN network after the site survey has been carried out. So you get the entire system from a single source.

The future of radio bonuses

Perfect service with the Orderman9

The success of a catering business stands and falls with the service – and this can only work efficiently if the wireless bonus system remains reliable at all times. To guarantee a smooth workflow with the Orderman9 wireless bonus system, it is important to install a WLAN network that is optimized for your business. Many aspects, such as proximity to neighboring businesses, structural features and disruptive factors, must be taken into account.

The Orderman Site Survey uses state-of-the-art measurement technology to record the exact conditions of your site, produce a report and have it analyzed by experienced professionals. From this, we determine which WLAN components you need, where the access points should best be placed and much more. Based on the site survey report, our team offers to implement the entire WLAN installation. This includes, for example: the technology, cable ducts, access point installation, connection to the server room, and much more. Finally, a WiFine check is carried out. In this way, we ensure that your Orderman9 installation runs optimally and you can concentrate on the essentials: Your guests.

We offer this service via your Orderman specialist dealer in Germany and Austria in cooperation with our IT partner BACC.

If you do not yet have a trusted Orderman specialist dealer, we look forward to hearing from you.

Care & Care Gold

La garanzia all-in carefree di Orderman.

La garanzia Care & Care Gold di Orderman √® unica nel settore. I prodotti di assistenza Orderman’s Care & Care Gold vi proteggono dai tempi di inattivit√† non programmati e dalle costose riparazioni per molti anni. Care & Care Gold √® la garanzia all-in carefree di Orderman.