Verlässlichen WLAN für Ihren GastronomiebetriebVerlässlichen WLAN für Ihren Gastronomiebetrieb

Access Point

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The Orderman9 and the Orderman Access Point offer coordinated WLAN technology and therefore speak the same language. Nothing stands in the way of optimal cooperation.

With its high data transfer rate, the Orderman Access Point communicates with several devices simultaneously. This ensures that the connection always remains stable.

At 5 GHz, the Orderman access point is incredibly fast and flexible. Thanks to its high speed, the network has the ability to adapt to changing challenges.

The Orderman Access Point is particularly user-friendly and can be easily managed via an end-to-end cloud dashboard.

With its simple, modern, white design, the access point can be placed unobtrusively anywhere in your company.

You can also use the Orderman Access Point for a secure and interference-free guest WLAN. This increases overall customer satisfaction.

A 5-year guarantee ensures that your investment is safe and sustainable.

Connections that last

The future of WLAN today.

The Orderman Access Point works optimally with the Orderman9 handheld and thus enables smooth wireless billing. It can be easily mounted on the wall or ceiling using the mounting plate supplied and requires only one cable to be supplied with both power and data.

Thanks to the latest technology, the Orderman Access Point is easy to manage and a wide range of WLAN services such as social logins, time-limited offers and more can be easily implemented. It also works intelligently: if for any reason the end device loses the connection to its current access point, it can select another functioning access point in a flash. So your service staff always have the best reception, wherever they are.

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Care & Care Gold

La garanzia all-in carefree di Orderman.

La garanzia Care & Care Gold di Orderman è unica nel settore. I prodotti di assistenza Orderman’s Care & Care Gold vi proteggono dai tempi di inattività non programmati e dalle costose riparazioni per molti anni. Care & Care Gold è la garanzia all-in carefree di Orderman.