Orderman9 / Pro

New standards
in gastronomy

Almost too easy,
to be true.

With the Orderman9, you can keep the future of
Gastronomy in the palm of your hand. As the market leader for
mobile ordering technology, we have the latest
generation of the Orderman perfectly to the
Requirements of the modern service concept
coordinated. Proximity to the guest, efficient
Work processes and flexibility are always at the
Center point. Your service staff will be delighted

The Orderman9

Runs all day – so you don’t have to.

The Orderman9 incorporates pioneering technology that has been specially developed for the food service industry. Incredibly fast LTE, a great display, easy handling and the best quality components make it the only device that comes into question for perfect service. Performance is guaranteed, because with our unique Care Gold warranty, the device is covered against any damage for up to 5 years. There are no interruptions, failures
or stumbling blocks that prevent you from making your guests happy with perfect service. The modern design of our latest generation of handhelds not only looks good, it also feels good. The Orderman9 is comfortable to hold and works simply, quickly and reliably – your staff will never want another tool again. With the Orderman9 you are always one step ahead and always at the guest.

Orderman9 / Pro

Like the Orderman9 itself, the accessories have also been especially for the everyday needs of the catering trade developed. This allows you to work with maximum Flexibility. No matter what the working day brings.

Service Station

The Orderman9 Service Station ensures safe and presentable storage of the handheld. It also allows the battery in the handheld to be charged. Remote maintenance and updates can be carried out via the Ethernet interface.

Multi-Service Station

The Orderman9 Multi Service Station is the big brother of the Orderman9 Service Station. It enables the simultaneous storage and charging of 4 handhelds. Remote maintenance and updates can be carried out via the Ethernet interface. Perfect for large catering establishments.

Safety Cord

The tried-and-tested Safety Cord protects your Orderman9 from falls. The reliable plug-in mechanism and replaceable cord ensure that you will enjoy your Orderman9 for a particularly long time.

Battery Charger

The battery charger can charge and store 4 spare batteries at the same time. If the gentle charge function is set, the battery is charged to approx. 70% before the process is stopped. When the battery charge drops to 60%, charging starts again. This avoids “continuous charging” and noticeably extends the service life of the battery.

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The Orderman
Care System

The one of a kind Orderman warranty.

With the Orderman service products Care & Care Gold we protect you for many years against unplanned downtime and expensive repairs. Care & Care Gold is the all-in carefree guarantee from Orderman, which handles all repairs covers. Care & Care Gold is Orderman’s all-inclusive, no-hassle warranty.