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Pulse H20

Hybrid POS PC

Pulse H20

Hybrid POS PC

The H20 Hybrid POS PC is unique. Fully functional as a compact and attractively designed POS PC, the H20 display can be easily detached from its base for mobile use.

Ideal for restaurants: orders are taken directly at the table on the PC POS display and sent to the kitchen, greatly increasing ease of use.

However, the possible applications go far beyond restaurants: a 2D reader (optional) is integrated into the detachable display, which can be used to scan 1D/2D codes in clothing stores, for example: The customer advisor accompanies the customer step by step through the customer journey when shopping.

Available in two versions, with an 11.6 or 13.3-inch display, it can be rotated 180° for needs-based interaction with the customer: for example, to display the order summary in a restaurant or the different colors available for a jacket in a store, or to sign a form directly at the POS.

This POS PC with excellent performance stands out thanks to its functionality, innovation and exclusive design, while the latest generation CPU guarantees maximum performance.

The wide range of accessories makes the POS PC H20 a quick-change artist, suitable for anyone who wants to get more out of their business.

But that’s not all: the unique premium base (optional) ensures battery charging, the connection of necessary peripheral devices and maintains the connection between the POS PC and the peripheral devices of the base, even when it is in mobile use.

Pulse presents the first mobile PC POS system for the point of sale.

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