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The tool
for gastronomy professionals.

The solution for fast and efficient service.

Orderman5: More efficiency, more sales.

When developing the Orderman5 handheld, we focused exclusively on the things you need to achieve the most efficient and smooth workflow possible in the tough day-to-day running of a restaurant. The tool was specially developed for use in the catering industry. The Orderman5 makes fast, reliable service a matter of course – and thus enables more sales.


Orderman5 Highlights

Perfect for every catering professional.

High-quality materials, clever design and the internal metal frame make the Orderman5 exceptionally durable and ensure a long service life in the demanding hospitality workplace. The unit is dust and water resistant.

The Orderman5 battery lasts up to 18 hours and can be changed in seconds at any time.

The 5” HD screen is easy to read outdoors and can be operated either with a finger or with a stylus.

Easily assign frequently used functions to the side buttons for quick access to them at any time.

Like all Orderman handhelds, the Orderman5 is compatible with leading POS solutions.

All Orderman handhelds are supplied with a 2-year Care Gold warranty. This can be extended to up to 5 years.

Uncompromising service

Professional tools for hospitality professionals.

The reliable Orderman Gastrofunk, high robustness, intuitive operation and 30 years of experience make the Orderman5 the secret of success for your catering business. In combination with our POS cash registers, the Orderman handhelds provide a user-friendly overall solution from which you will benefit for a long time. Accessories specially developed for the catering trade round off the range.

Orderman5 eBase

The eBase included in the scope of delivery serves as a charging station and for software updates (via USB). You can also use the Orderman5 with the eBase as a small mini POS for on the go. The eBase’s magnetic contacts ensure a good grip – making the Orderman5 particularly ideal for outdoor service (e.g. huts at Christmas markets, food trucks or events such as summer festivals etc.).

Dual battery charger

This accessory offers space for two lithium-ion batteries and boasts several practical functions. The dual battery charger is the perfect place to charge and store two spare batteries at the same time. However, this clever accessory offers even more advantages: If the gentle charging function is set (simply flip the small switch on the underside of the device), the battery is charged to 80% before the process is stopped. When the battery drops to 60%, charging starts again. This avoids “continuous charging” and noticeably extends the service life of the battery. The dual battery charger can also be set to “quick charge” to ensure a particularly fast charging process (max. 3 hours)

Safety Cord

The newly designed safety cord prevents the handheld from being dropped. The reliable plug-in mechanism and replaceable cord ensure that you will enjoy the Orderman5 for an even longer time.

The Orderman belt printer

The Orderman belt printer completes the wireless bonus system.

Small, light and robust – the perfect accessory for your handheld. Maximum operational reliability is guaranteed by integration into the Orderman network. Advantages for the restaurateur: more efficient service, greater guest satisfaction, better table utilization and ultimately more turnover!

Capacitive stylus

High-quality plastic touch pen in Orderman design, suited for Orderman products with capacitive touchscreen (Orderman7 & Orderman5, Columbus800).

Orderman belt pouch

Belt pouch made of high-quality leather for attaching to the belt. Stylish and safe, based on the waiter’s wallet.

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Care & Care Gold

The all-in carefree guarantee from Orderman.

Orderman’s Care & Care Gold guarantee is unique in the industry. Orderman’s Care & Care Gold service products protect you against unplanned downtime and expensive repairs for many years. Care & Care Gold is Orderman’s all-in carefree guarantee.