Orderman's Favorite Restaurant

Service with enthusiasm.

Become your guests’ favorite restaurant with perfect service.

The favorite restaurant study

What makes your restaurant successful.

What makes a restaurant desirable? How do you scare your guests away and how can you still inspire them today? Orderman asked some 400 restaurant goers across Europe what they like about their favorite restaurant. Here’s a small sample: Good food attracts customers and slow service quickly drives them away again! You’ll find this and other surprising results from the study summarized in a concise, easy-to-read info graphic.

The advantages of the Orderman system

Purpose built for the hospitality industry.

Whether it’s a restaurant, cafĂ©, bar or ice cream parlor, today’s guests expect friendly, fast and reliable service, especially in the food service industry. This requires perfect ordering and invoicing processes. Orderman offers you the equipment you need for this: durable POS systems, handhelds and practical accessories. From these components, we developed the Orderman system, which we invented more than 25 years ago and have continuously developed.

Care & Care Gold

The all-in carefree guarantee from Orderman.

Orderman’s Care & Care Gold guarantee is unique in the industry. Orderman’s Care & Care Gold service products protect you against unplanned downtime and expensive repairs for many years. Care & Care Gold is Orderman’s all-in carefree guarantee.